"What is a Collaborative Divorce?"

Getting a divorce, no matter how simple or complex, puts an emotional and financial strain on everyone. There are many unsettling changes to deal with: new living arrangements, new financial responsibilities, parenting time and custody, and uncertainty about the future.

The prospect of spending any time in a courtroom can be equally intimidating. Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new way of getting a divorce that is focused on solutions, not blame, and on keeping families out of court and in control of their own future.

In a Collaborative Divorce each party has their own attorney and signs an agreement to reach a complete settlement of all issues without going to court, to voluntarily exchange full financial information, and to participate in a problem-solving approach that addresses the needs of both spouses and their children.

Collaborative divorce is a team approach, involving each party’s attorney, a neutral financial expert, and a neutral mental health professional (also known as a Divorce Coach). This team approach recognizes that divorce is a legal process, but it is a financial and emotional one as well.

The financial expert helps the parties make informed financial decisions. The divorce coach helps couples manage the emotional ups and downs of the divorce, while helping them put together a parenting plan that is in their children’s best interests. Attorneys work on the details of the divorce while making sure their client’s legal best interests are protected. This way parties are able to use their financial resources in focused ways that use the professionals best able to address their needs, rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional litigation.

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